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Why We Are The Best Louisiana Personal Injury Lawyers

Mr. Davis is not afraid of going to court to fight for you and your family anywhere in the state of Louisiana. Our firm, which is located in Lafayette, La, has helped thousands of clients over the last 30 years as they rebuilt their lives back after a catastrophic injury. Our personal injury law firm has the experience and resources necessary to help you pursue the justice and compensation you deserve. Our no win no fee policy means you can be confident that we will answer your questions and advise you on all your legal rights so you can make an informed decision on your best path forward.

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A Variety Of Personal Injury Cases

If you talk to our clients, you’ll quickly hear a common theme: Craig treats them like they are  family. From helping them get much-needed medical care to helping them receive compensation for their injuries. Our clients trust us to find answers, to get results, and to help them rebuild their lives after an accident. We pride ourselves on the fact that we treat every client as if they are family, and every case as if it was our own. 

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Meet Craig A. Davis

Lafayette Lawyer Craig A. Davis. Personal Injury Attorney

Craig was born and raised in North Louisiana. After graduating from LSU in Petroleum Engineering and working offshore for a few years, he decided to go back to school and pursue a law degree. He went to LSU Law School for his Juris Doctorate and began practicing in Lafayette, La 1994. 

Over the years Craig has won millions of dollars for his clients and prides himself on not just “settling” out of court but fighting for his clients to get what they deserve. 

Craig is a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates, for numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and/or settlements. 

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Expert in your Corner

Insurance providers tend to be huge corporations with access to just about any resource that might be needed to fight an injury claim. This includes a highly-skilled team of attorneys ready to defend the insurer. You’ll be fighting an uphill battle if you don’t ask for help. That’s where an experienced Louisiana injury attorney can help.


You Can Focus On Getting Better

Personal injury disputes can be complicated, confusing, and downright overwhelming. There may be multiple parties involved. Things can get even more stressful when you try to pursue compensation on your own. And, you just won’t have the time you need to focus on putting your life back together.



Insurance Companies Victim Blame

Insurance companies and other parties will try to push as much of the blame onto your shoulders as possible. The more fault you’re assigned, the less money other parties will have to pay. If they can say that you’re mostly to blame, they can escape liability altogether.

Craig and his team are familiar with these tactics and know how to protect our clients and their financial awards.

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Our Lafayette, La team handles all personal injury matters throughout Acadiana, Lake Charles, and Louisiana. We fight for victims of car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, offshore injuries, workers compensation, slip and fall cases, wrongful death claims and so much more.

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